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Switched Identity | Chapter 1 |

Title: Switched Identity
Series: No.6 & D.Gray-man
Pairings: Kanda/Allen & Nezumi/Shion
Summary: One has it all. The other next to nothing. Different worlds collide when the two meet and decide that taking a break to live in another’s shoes. While the two boys look so similar to one another, it’d be easy to fool those around them. Though will this change of pace hurt their relationships or make them stronger?
Word count: 2,532

Author’s note: This is the first time writing anything from No.6 So I apologize for any incorrect characterizations. ;;

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[Elliot] These eager happinesses.

Pandora Hearts Muselist 8D

As requested, I will make this just so everyone knows who I play in this lovely fandom~

notrlyarabbit [Canon]

Xerxes Break
addicttosweets [Canon]

Elliot Nightray
hatingyouall [Canon]
washislight [AU! w/ wentbatshit] @ pandoraheartsdr

Gilbert Nightray
gunnedraven [Canon] [Post Ch. 40]

Jack Vessalius
misalignedtime [Canon]

Liam Lunettes
barelynoticed [Canon] [Post Ch. 53]

Leo Baskerville
booksnglasses [Canon]
losthismind [Canon] [Post Ch.64]

Oz Vessalius
substrictus [Canon] [Post Ch.65] @ Somarium
acorruptsin [Canon] [Post Ch. 63] @ Kannagara

I think that's all of them but if I gain more I will add them here~!
DGM - Allen - Sleeping the day away

The List of Awesome

Okay. So... yeah. reflectives suggested I make an RP muse-list so I went and did just that. Look behind the cut and you all can see the fail awesome ♥

[ As a note: RED on charas not in games means i still tag with occasionally and are active muses while ones marked in BLUE are muses I may be reviewing for/possibly thinking about tagging with again. ]

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DGM - Allen - Sleeping the day away

What Final Fantasy Crisis Core Character are you?

What Final Fantasy Crisis Core Character are you?
Cloud Strife You are usually calm and collected, but you have trouble voicing your feelings. Instead, you have a habit of bottling things up until they explode. Your feelings are your own, and you only keep around a few close friends who can read you like a book. You struggle with your self-image, while on the surface you are confident and stable. You tend to over-analyze problems, but usually follow your instinct. You have been lucky in your life, because your instinct usually directs you down the right path.
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